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GBMB is proud to present EPay!

Due to growing requests for GBMB to accept credit card payments, GBMB has now partnered with EPayPolicy to accept your credit card payments online!  With your bill in hand, click the "pay now" link below to make a payment today!  *Note* By making an online payment, payer agrees to pay applicable transaction fees.


GBMB Portal Program!

GBMB is pleased to announce that we are now offering a new service to our clientele! GBMB's Portal offers you 24/7 access to your current policy information. With an account you will be able to view vehicle schedules and print ID Cards, Obtain Certificates of Insurance and view your current Certificate Holders, Request Policy Changes, Notify us of a Claim or loss by specific location or vehicle, Download a copy of your policy documents and much more!

Go to the Portal here:Portal Login


Tenant Insurance

Not sure if you need Renter's Insurance?

Please see this helpful Renter's Brochure from Safeco Insurance.

To request a FREE Rental Property Insurance quote please fill out this form (PDF), save it and send it by email.

You can print and fax to (210) 366-9549 or email back to Chris Bloxsom: chrisb@gbmbinsurance.com

Click Here for a Request for Personal Contents/Liability ยป


Residential Property Owners Program

Today's rising costs can make a big impact on investment returns of your rented real estate. GBMB Insurance understands the rental business and has an insurance program tailored for your needs.

100% replacement cost coverage: Minimum of $65-$70 per sq. ft. in Texas is recommended to insure your property is totally rebuilt in the event of total loss.

Lower Deductibles: Unlike most carriers who require a deductible of 1% of the value of the dwelling . . . our program has a flat $1,000 deductible for all perils

Personal Liability: Our program includes personal liability for the property owner and the property manager on the policy.

Loss of Rents: Our program offers optional coverage which can protect your income stream for up to six months should the property become unable to rent in the event of a covered loss.

Credit: Our program requires no credit checks.

Entity Flexibility: Our program covers properties owned by Trusts, LLC's and Partnerships

Please fill out this Hazard Insurance Form (PDF) and fax to us at (210) 366-9549 or email back to Chris Bloxsom: chrisb@gbmbinsurance.com

To request a FREE Personal Contents/Liability Insurance quote please fill out this form (PDF) and send it using the send by email button.

You can print and fax to (210) 366-9549 or email back to Chris Bloxsom: chrisb@gbmbinsurance.com

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